For an angler who fishes the Chesapeake Bay—that would be me—the striped bass is a prime target. But the same holds true for coastal anglers from Jersey to Maine. And, for San Francisco Bay anglers. Heck, even a huge number of inland anglers target this species, which has been stocked in a number of reservoirs. In fact, the striper is one of the top gamefish in American waters. So there are a lot of folks out there chasing striped bass at this very moment. If you’re hoping to join the ranks, tune in for these three striper fishing tips. No matter where you do your fishing they apply (well okay, the one about changing tides may not be too important for you inland anglers—but the basic concept still holds true). And if you follow them, we’re pretty dang sure you’ll catch more fish. (No guarantees. For all we know, you’re fishing with a bent pin for a hook and a hot-dog for bait).

If you find these tips helpful but want to get more in depth information on striper fishing, tactics, and techniques, check out Got Bait? The Search For Stripers, and Got Bait? Marsh Island Mayhem. In both episodes striped bass are the main target, and there’s plenty of attention paid to the how’s, where’s, and why’s of catching these fish.