Here at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, size matters. So it might not surprise you to find out that, IMHO, the belle of the ball boat-wise is one whopping-big beauty: the new Hatteras 100 Raised Pilothouse. When I stepped inside, the main salon reminded me of a bowling alley – yes, it is that roomy inside. And according to my sources, Hatteras actually built a full-size mock-up of the boat in lauan, to make sure they got everything in that massive interior perfect. Total build-time: 17 months.

hatteras 100 raised pilothouse

Big and beautiful, the Hatteras 100 Raised Pilothouse impressed me more than any other boat at the show.


The Hatteras was, of course, sealed in her slip. Luckily, I did get off the docks on a sea trial with Raymarine, so they could show me their newest electronic goodies. In this case it came in the form of software, because Raymarine has re-vamped the Lighthouse user interface system. Scrolling through the functions and menus, it seemed to me that once again, those electronics guys have developed a boating-brain that works better than mine (sigh).

Another electronic eye-opener spotted here at the show comes from Volvo-Penta and Garmin. We first told you about the Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit when it was announced this summer, in Garmin and Volvo-Penta, Networking Together. Now, here at the Lauderdale show we get to see it up close and personal. And yes, if you’re buying a boat with Volvos in the engineroom you will want to check this system out.

Despite seeing all these giant yachts and nifty new electronics, my overall fav of the show is a boat you can’t take out onto the water. That’s because Everglades took a saw to one of their center consoles, and cut it into three pieces. It’s fascinating to get a cross-sectional look at what lies between the hull and deck, and you can see just where they pumped in foam, where adhesives hold the joints together, and even how and where the fuel tank gets sealed into the boat’s belly. Considering that the Everglades was sawed into pieces-parts, this was probably one of the worst-running boats in the show. But to me, it was still one of the best.

everglades boat cut

Here's a look at the port-side gunwale, in cut-away form. Literally.

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