Marine University and Volvo Penta have executed a license agreement for the distribution of newly revised and NASBLA-approved BOATER101 manuals to Volvo Penta's dealers.

The license agreement includes the distribution of 10,000 BOATER101 manuals to up to 200 Volvo Penta dealers. The BOATER101 manual is a full-reference guide for boating basics including valuable information for both new and experienced boaters. It touches upon everything from boat terminology to rules of the road, from waterway markers to environmental protection and state specific information.

Upon receipt of the BOATER101 manual, dealers will distribute them to new customers in an effort to grow boating by promoting safety on the water. Dealers will also be introduced to Marine University's certification program that will train them to offer nationally standardized boating safety education classes at their facilities.

"Included within Volvo Penta's core values are safety and care for the environment. Marine University's BOATER101 program has direct synergy with these priorities," said Clint Moore, president of Volvo Penta of the Americas. "By providing our dealers with BOATER101 manuals we are facilitating boating safety education at the point of sale."