Mercury Marine has announced the all-new V12 Verado outboard engine for 2021, causing a stir of excitement in the boating world. Packing a walloping 600-horsepower, this beast of a motor promises to continue transforming the high-horsepower outboard market.

The World's Most Powerful Outboard Engines

Stepping in as the world's most powerful outboard currently in production (after Volvo Penta announced the discontinuation of all 7 Marine outboards at the end of 2020, including their powerful 627-horsepower outboard flagship) this new engine fills the niche for owners of heavily-built, big center console fishing boats and hardcore tournament anglers on outboard power catamarans and sporfishing yachts who rely on serious power, speed and agility to tame the formidable seas they face, reaching offshore fishing grounds quickly and efficiently.

A 7.6-liter engine featuring a naturally aspirated, large-displacement, quad-cam powerhead that generates impressive torque, this engine can clearly get those big, heavy boats out of the hole and on plane quickly.

But there's more to this engine than just power. It also features the marine industry's first ever two-speed automatic transmission for an outboard that optimizes engine RPM according to workload and helps facilitate powerful acceleration and highly efficient performance at cruising speed.

Another innovative, industry-first feature is a steerable gearcase that pivots independently underwater while the engines powerhead remains in a space-saving fixed position. That is a slick feature that will allow these engines to be rigged onto tighter transoms, in greater multi-engine setups, than other large outboards may have been able to be mounted perviously. The engine also has better "bite" in the water due to contra-rotating propellers and Mercury technologies that enable exceptional fuel economy and range. 

“With boats continuing to grow bigger and performance expectations continuing to rise, boaters have been asking for a better, more capable high‑horsepower solution to meet their needs. The V12 Verado outboard is Mercury’s answer,” said Chris Drees, Mercury Marine president. “Using our advanced engineering and design capabilities, we completely redefined outboard performance. The V12 Verado outboard delivers boaters unrivaled freedom, luxury and power to pursue their passions on the water. This is a remarkable engine that will change the future of boating.”

Tim Reid, Mercury Marine's vice president of development and engineering noted that with this new engine "...we listened carefully to boaters’ needs and wishes, and we created new product capabilities aimed at exceeding their highest expectations.”

Consumers can expect big things from product as it comes from one of the best outboard engine manufacturers in the industry today.

The Mercury Marine V12 Verado outboard will be available this spring. For more information, visit

Written by: Ryan McVinney
C. Ryan McVinney is a film director, writer and producer. As an experienced boater he regularly produces and directs on-the-water video shoots for major boat manufacturers, yacht brokers and dealers, as well as independent film and media companies. He is president of the National Soho House Film Club with chapters in Miami, FL, Manhattan, NY and Los Angeles, CA and regularly contributes content to YachtWorld, and Boat Trader.