Earlier this month, at the Miami International Boat Show, Mercury Racing took the opportunity to introduce the Mercury Racing 60R, a brand new outboard engine. This new engine is designed to be a lightweight, compact outboard ideal for technical flats skiffs, perfectly engineered to sit comfortably on the transom of small performance skiffs. The engine features the only 15-inch midsection in its class, and is a powerhouse geared for fast acceleration to hop on a plane quickly in shallow water.

Mercury Racing 60R Outboard. Photo by Mercury Racing.

Mercury Racing 60R Outboard. Photo by Mercury Racing.

“The Mercury Racing 60R is a no-compromise outboard designed specifically for technical flats skiffs,” said Steve Miller, Mercury Racing director of marketing, sales and service. “It delivers Mercury Racing performance in a package that also offers outstanding fuel economy with rugged reliability and quiet operation.”

The four-cylinder, 1.0-liter long-stroke powerhead is tuned for torque with an extended WOT range of 6300 rpm that maximizes acceleration and enables more propping options. A single overhead camshaft cylinder head keeps the powerhead as light and slim as possible for less intrusion on the transom. A powerful 18-amp alternator is designed to maintain battery charge on boats equipped with angling electronics and baitwell pumps.

The motor has a remarkably low center of gravity which provides increased stability and better handling on the water. For those who fish in skinny water, and find themselves in a hurry to get out to that crucial fishing spot, this may be the outboard of choice.