FOND DU LAC, Wisc. — Mercury Racing has been named the Presenting Sponsor of the 2002 APBA Offshore Pro Series in recognition for the company's more than 40 years of support for the sport of offshore racing, as well as its direct support of APBA Offshore.

"When cash sponsorship, contingency prize funds and on-site race support are all considered, Mercury Racing is far and away our largest sponsor," said Michael Allweiss, APBA Offshore Chairman. "This is just one way for us to recognize their total contribution to the sport of offshore racing and to APBA Offshore."

The 2002 APBA Offshore Pro Series presented by Mercury Racing consists of 10 offshore races in which competitors in 10 race classes vie for points leading to the National Championship (October 18 - 20, St. Petersburg, Fla.) and the World Championship in Key West, Fla., November 18 - 27.

"We are wedded to APBA racing of all types as part of our heritage," said Mercury Racing Marketing Director Tony Esposito. "As the only major marine engine manufacturer who participates in the sport at any level, it's nice to have the additional recognition and we appreciate the spirit in which its offered," Esposito said.

The arrangement provides Mercury Racing additional sponsorship benefits both at the individual race sites as well as in APBA broadcasts and web coverage. Mercury Racing has provided the Official Engine and Stern Drive of APBA Offshore Factory Series racing since it helped form the class in 1997, has provided the Official Stern Drive of APBA Super Cat Series since 2001 and has presented the Mercury Racing Constructors Championship for the past two years.