Water toys for pontoons are a bit different from water toys for runabouts and ski boats, aren’t they? A pontoon usually doesn’t go fast enough to pull a skier and it doesn’t make any wakes to speak of, so skis and wakeboards are out. Same goes for wakesurfing and air chairs.

However, there are some toys on the market that would be suitable for use on a day of family boating on a pontoon. Take a look and see if any of these might help make your summer a little bit more fun.

Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock, priced between $440-1,150

Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock

If you’ve got a few people onboard who don’t want to ride around the lake while you tow the kids around on a tube, you could leave them with a couple of beach chairs and a cooler on the Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock. Available in four sizes, the Inflatable Floating Dock is a fine platform for just floating around enjoying a cocktail in a remote cove. You’ll just need to remember where you left them.

Price: $440 to $1,150

Connelly Party Cove Cooler, priced at $40

Connelly Party Cove Cooler

A day of boating often devolves into “floating.” It happens a lot on rivers. Shut the boat off and turn the radio up and hang out, jumping in and out of the water as the mood and heat strikes you. For days like that, the Connelly Party Cove Cooler is just the ticket. Made of heavy-duty polymer, the Party Cove Cooler has six built-in beverage holders and four molded handles. Pack it with ice and your favorite beverages and while the day away—pretty ideal for your local party cove.

Price: $40

Rave Sports Escape Pontoon Tube, Getaway Pontoon Tube, and Inflatable Pontoon Slide, pricing varies

Rave Escape Pontoon Tube, Getaway Pontoon Tube & Inflatable Pontoon Slide

Here's a triple from Rave Sports for all you pontoon-owners looking for some serious action—first, give the kids something to do while you chill out in a cove with the Rave Inflatable Pontoon Slide. It inflates in minutes and hangs off the railings of your pontoon, giving 9 feet of sliding surface into the water. It attaches with nylon straps in four places, so it stays put. Inside the boat, the Pontoon Slide has four inset vinyl molded steps and two assist handles affixed to the top. Rave doesn’t list a weight limit, so that means adults can use it, too.

When fun on the slide is all wrapped up, you'll want to move onto something different—enter, the Rave Escape Pontoon Tube and the Rave Getaway Pontoon Tube. The Escape is designed for 1-2 riders looking for a more relaxed ride with special hammock-style seating, while the Getaway is ideal for those searching for an adventurous ride. Both tubes are manufacturers specifically to compliment a pontoon boat's wider wake—not to mention, the graphics highlighting these tubes are very cool.

Prices: $399 for the Inflatable Pontoon Slide, $99 for the Getaway Pontoon Tube, and $149.99 for the Escape Pontoon Tube.

Aquaglide Airport, priced at $360

Aquaglide Airport

The Aquaglide Airport is a versatile little toy. It can be used as a place to float, like the Solstice floating dock mentioned above, or it can be towed behind a boat. Measuring seven and a half feet square, the Aquaglide Airport is large enough to hold up to three kids who want to join in on the fun behind the boat. It’s wrapped in a rugged canvas and fitted with eight handles to hold while being towed.

Price: $360

O'Brien Simple Trainer, priced at $130

O’Brien Simple Trainer

Your kids might be little now, but one day they’re going to be old enough to ski, and it’s never too early to get them started, right? The O’Brien Simple Trainer is probably the easiest way to teach kids to ski, establish the appropriate muscle memory and give kinds a cool toy to ride behind your pontoon boat. It’s got bindings on the floorboard and a T handle for them to use to stand up. Its two ropes provide one for the child to hold onto and one for the adult to hold from the boat. Because its maximum speed is 8 mph, it’s ideal for pulling behind a pontoon.

Price: $130

Written by: Brett Becker
Brett Becker is a freelance writer and photographer who has covered the marine industry for 15 years. In addition to covering the ski boat and runabout markets for Boats.com, he regularly writes and shoots for BoatTrader.com. Based in Ventura, Calif., Becker holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in mass communication from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.