Question: I’ve read that cameras and their lenses can be damaged by constant exposure to a humid environment. I’m planning to spend the winter in the Bahamas on my boat. How should I store my gear?


This Pelican 1510 roller case (customized with internal padding) will protect sensitive camera equipment from both environmental and travel damage.


Cameras are indeed vulnerable to constant exposure in humid environments. They are also vulnerable to extreme temperature changes and the resultant condensation. Eventually the moisture inside camera lenses will promote the growth of fungus.

I’ve got a pretty extensive collection of DSLR equipment myself. Further, I travel with it often so besides damage due to exposure to elements, I’m also worried about getting it banged up. Several years ago I found the absolute best solution when I purchased a Pelican 1510 roller case.

These Pelican cases are available in a large variety of sizes, and since they are just short of bulletproof they are the best choice for storing or transporting any sensitive equipment and gear. They are waterproof to an IP 67 standard, which means they can even be submerged for 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. They can withstand temperature variations from -40 / 210 degrees F. All the hardware is stainless steel and the case is equipped with an automatic pressure equalization valve to deal with altitude changes if it ends up in the cargo hold of an airplane. All of these cases are waterproof, crushproof and dustproof. I’ve actually watched airline baggage handlers try to break mine with no results!

My 1510 is legal maximum carry on size so it will fit in the overhead compartment on most full sized airplanes. It’s got super wheel rollers and a totally unbreakable one piece retractable handle for towing it around. I paid $135 for mine and about an extra $50 for the pre-made interior padded spacer kit to keep all my expensive lenses from banging into each other.

I just can’t say enough about the quality of this product. Mine has been around the world with me and it is still in top condition. Worried about gear storage? Get one of the Pelican cases and stop worrying. I got mine at B & H Camera, a great online resource for all things camera and audio visual  that provides really great service.