Good weather means it's time to take those get-togethers outside, and if you want to combine your party with boating there's no better way to do it than with a pontoon boat.

Edgy and ultra-modern, the Aqua Patio 250 XP pontoon.

Edgy and ultra-modern, the Aqua Patio 250 XP is clearly designed to appeal to your youthful nature.

The great thing about pontoons is that they're so versatile, but when it's time to get your party on there's just no better platform afloat. Pontoon boats offer the most deck space for the LOA, they're extremely stable, and the partying perks that you can get on them are utterly outrageous. Check out boats like the Premier 290 Grand Entertainer or the Aqua Patio 250 WB, and you'll discover wet bars with stools and bucket seats, ice makers, and outdoor grills. You'll find full-length recliners, arm rests with cup holders built-in, and seating for over a dozen people. In fact, you can have quite a big party on some pontoons, since their capacity is rather extensive. The biggest we've seen yet, a Premier Dodici 310, has a maximum capacity of 26 people. Yeah, that's a party, alright.

pontoon boat

Wet bar? Check. Loungers? Check. Party time? Youbetcha. But with eight people aboard, the Premier Dodici 310 looks practically empty.

If you consider comfort paramount to your partying success, watch our Luxury Pontoon Boats: Maximum Relaxation video to see how some top brands deliver seriously cushy surroundings that will help you dive into relaxation mode. Or check out a pontoon boat like the Bennington 30 Club Twin, which has more living room furniture than a living room. Seriously. In fact, many pontoons are designed to deliver maximum luxury, which certainly is attractive when you're in party mode. You can learn more about specific models and what they have to offer, by checking out our many pontoon boat reviews.

Yes, pontoons are good for more than just festive gatherings. You can find fishing pontoon boats and high-performance pontoons. And with such a broad range of capabilities, it's no wonder pontoons are one of the fastest-growing segments of the boating market. But when it comes time to party down, pontoon boats rule the lake—nothing beats partying on a party barge.

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Editor's note: this article was updated in July of 2016.

Written by: Lauren DeVlaming
Lauren de Vlaming is the senior engagement manager at Dominion Marine Media, including, YachtWorld and Boat Trader. She has a communications background including emphases in social media, journalism, and graphic design, and is also a contributor to the ebook "The Atlanta 50: What to see and do."