When you woke up this morning, was it warm and sunny enough for your kind of boating? Was your boat calling your name? If not, you might have enjoyed waking up instead in Cabo San Lucas during this holiday season. In the second installment of our tour of places from which you could be writing postcards to jealous friends, let’s visit Mexico, 1000 miles south of San Diego. Photographer Neil Rabinowitz provides us with inviting visuals of a few of the many and varied boating opportunites.


A spine of rock juts seaward from the anchorage at Cabo San Lucas, where the Pacific Ocean offers surfing, sportfishing, whale watching, and much more. Flight time is only two hours from San Diego, three from San Francisco. Neil Rabinowitz photo

Anchorage in Sea of Cortez

Once you’ve visited the clubs of Cabo, head up to La Paz, a couple hours’ drive up the east side of the peninsula overlooking the Sea of Cortez. There, power and sailboat charters, both crewed and bareboat, can set you up to cruise to anchorages like this one near Loreto. Neil Rabinowitz photo


Espiritu-Santo bay on Sea of Cortez

Boating in this area doesn’t require a large yacht. Paddlers and snorkelers can join three- to seven-day island-hopping tours near La Paz and explore beautiful bays like this one at Espiritu Santo. Neil Rabinowitz photo

The boats.com holiday tour continues all week. If you missed our other stops, visit Puerto Rico and the Spanish Virgin Islands, the Florida Keys. and the U.S. Virgin Islands.