Don’t be grumpy if you’re halfway through the holidays and the only sand you’re touching is what you’re spreading on your icy sidewalks. Next year, you could be headed south and all settled in at Islamorada, camping at Bahia Honda, or enjoying the festive atmosphere in Key West. Whether your thing is fishing, sailing, paddling or yachting, let these images from Neil Rabinowitz will whet your appetite.


Straight off the plane in Miami, your first stop on the way to Key West could be decompressing on a beautiful green stretch of water like this before you get to the Keys proper. Then it’s less than two hours south and you’ll be in the Keys, beginning with Key Largo. Neil Rabinowitz photo




If you have the means, hire a boat and captain to do the driving as you head south through the Keys. If not, a number of kayak and small power and sailboat rental outfits can set you up to sail, paddle and fish the same waters as the charter yachts—except you can paddle in shallow areas they can’t reach. Neil Rabinowitz photo



It being the holidays, let your imagination run a bit. It’s the final week of 2017 and you’ve sold your house and business—or won the lottery. Now you’ve been in Florida for two weeks on the final shakedown of your new trawler with a cruise in the Keys. Yesterday, you headed across the Gulf Stream to Cat Cay (shown). What’s next? Bimini, the rest of the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and beyond. Send us a postcard when you get there. Neil Rabinowitz photo

The "Postcards Next Year" tour will continue tomorrow. If you missed them, visit Puerto Rico and the Spanish Virgin Islands, Cabo San Lucas. and the U.S. Virgin Islands.