Many of us wish we’d made holiday plans to be on the water, somewhere warm. This week, beginning in Puerto Rico, let’s cast a vision for where we might have been writing postcards to jealous friends—and start planning for 2017. Ride along onboard, and sometimes in the helicopter, with one of the world’s best marine photographers, Neil Rabinowitz, for spectacular views of one of the warmest parts of the United States during the winter months. Puerto Rico offers sailing, fishing, paddling, and more.


After a two-and-one-half hour flight from Miami, you’ll pass over Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, a 16th-century Spanish fort that guards the harbor at San Juan. After you’ve read a book or two on the beach, and perhaps slept off an extra piña colada, local daysail charters, fishing charters, and paddling will be easy ways to enjoy the water here. Neil Rabinowitz photo

Puerto Del Rey Marina Fajardo Puerto Rico

Drive an hour and a half to the east and you reach Fajardo, the gateway to the waters east of Puerto Rico. Fajardo is home to Puerto Del Rey Marina, a 1000-slip marina. More daysailing, dive and fishing charters are available, and Moorings Puerto Rico is opening here to provide easy bareboat sailing access to the nearby islands. Neil Rabinowitz photo

Culebra, off East coast of Puerto Rico

About 15 nautical miles sail from Fajardo lies the beautiful, lightly populated island of Culebra and a few smaller islands such as Culebrita, shown in this photo. You can take a day trip to Culebra from Fajardo by catamaran, charter your own boat for the week, or fly in from San Juan to stay in a small hotel or guest house. Neil Rabinowitz photo

The tour continues with a trip to Cabo San Lucas, the Florida Keys , U.S. Virgin Islands and more.