Signing Rob Humphreys was a coup by the Slovenian builder, Elan Yachts. The British yacht designers was already a big deal in the 1990s, having designed high-placing yachts in the IOR One-Ton Worlds, the Whitbread Race, the BT Challenge, and the Vendee Globe (e.g. Ellen MacArthur's Kingfisher). And right about that time he was also getting started as the lead designer of Oyster's luxury cruising yachts.

During a recent test in Slovenia, we met with Humphreys and talked about his long-term engagement with Elan.

We discussed the twin rudder system Humphreys helped pioneer in Elan's production boats as well as the Impression Line of deck-saloon yachts that still endures, the delicate balance of performance hulls with weighty comfort features and what he thinks about foiling for cruising yachts.

For more information, visit Humphreys Yacht Design.