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It's not greasy! It's not greasy! It's not greasy!


Sunscreen is a must for boaters, but that greasy feeling sun screen leaves you with stinks, so I was interested when SmartShield said theirs worked without that slickery feel. They sent me one of their 4.5 ounce bottles of SPF30 to try out, and I had the chance to give it a workout during a sunup to sundown offshore fishing trip last weekend.

Smartshield claims to be free of oil, so it isn’t slick, won’t clog your pores, stain your clothes, or burn your eyes. I didn’t try rubbing it in my peepers to test out that last claim, but the first three are absolutely true. In fact, I was amazed at how this stuff feels once you’ve put it on. I’d compare the feeling to that of talcum powder, as opposed to sunscreen. It’s absorbed into the skin very, very quickly, and doesn’t leave behind the white goop we’re always trying to rub in. In a matter of seconds it’s dried, and there’s no greasy feeling at all, even on your hands.

The maker claims the use of aloe vera helps it penetrate the skin, as opposed to blocking or covering it as most sunscreens do. They also say that their formula is based on a single, non water soluble emulsifier, so when water or sweat comes into contact with the area where the sunscreen is applied, the sunscreen won’t come out of the skin. I can’t tell you the science behind this stuff, but I can rant and rave about how well it worked… because it deserves it! I applied it twice during nearly 14 hours of fishing, didn’t burn, and NEVER felt gooey… and that’s a first. Down-sides? None thus far, in my estimation. At $12 for 4.5 ounces it’s pricey, but so are other quality sunscreens. Check this stuff out; you can see their web site at

HOLD ON A SEC – you say you’d like to try this stuff out yourself? SmartShield offered to provide a bottle as a contest prize to readers of this blog. To enter the drawing for a free bottle, just send me an e-mail at, and tell me the titles of your five favorite blog posts that I’ve written on BoaterMouth. I’ll know what y’all want to read more about, and you’ll be entered to win a free bottle of Smartshield!