To paraphrase a famous saying, "Everyone complains about the ocean being polluted. But nobody does anything about it." Now Summer Sailstice and Sailors for the Sea have teamed up to change that.

Dorade sailing upwind

On Saturday, June 21, let's all go sailing. Together we can circumnavigate the globe, and raise money to help the oceans.

Summer Sailstice is an annual worldwide event that gets people out sailing on the same day. This year's Sailstice (which is always on a Saturday) falls on the actual solstice, June 21, the longest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere. Events are already scheduled around the country and the world, so there's sure to be one near you.

Summer sailstice logo

In addition to going sailing, we're going to circumnavigate the world as a group. Here's how it works: get out sailing June 21 and sail 10 miles. Donate $1 or more per mile toward ocean health.  With 2,600 plus sailors around the globe doing the same, that adds up to a circumnavigation of our planet—and  $26,000 raised. Plus, of course, a great day on the water for all.

If you can't find an existing event, be a "spark" and create your own. Sail in remembrance of an old friend, gather together a group of similar boats, or just go off on your own. However you decide to celebrate, you'll be sharing the day with people from all over the globe. And together, we'll also be doing something to clean up a valuable global resource: the oceans that form our playground.

For more information, visit the Summer Sailstice website.