Happy June! As you read this, I'm probably pulling some gear together to go sailing later today. The weather and the water have finally warmed up enough to make boating really enjoyable again here on Narragansett Bay.

IMOCA Ocean Masters' World Championship

10 sailors are starting a voyage that will still be underway next Sunday.


I'm betting on the seabreeze filling in, across ocean with a current temp of 56 degrees, so I will throw an extra sweatshirt into my bag. And as I do, I can't help but think of the ten people who are right now getting ready to start a much longer and colder sail across the Atlantic.

The 3700 mile race starts off New York's North Cove Marina and finishes off the city of Barcelona, so after a long open ocean crossing the crews will have to negotiate a few hundred miles in the tricky winds inside the Strait of Gibraltar. Run by IMOCA  (International Monohull Open Classes Association), this event is the first of the new Ocean Masters' World Championship.

My Sunday sail will only last a few hours. Theirs is predicted to last up to two more Sundays, and all the days in between. And they will need much more than an extra sweatshirt to fend off the cold and wet.

You can join me following their progress on the IMOCA Ocean Masters website. Meanwhile, here's a teaser video to give you a better taste for how these ten sailors will be spending this Sunday. And next Sunday. And maybe the one after that, too.