Grills sizzle. Barbecue sauce drips. Fireworks burst. Attempts at spelling one’s name with sparklers fail–but still remain entertaining. That’s right, it’s summertime. While the typical backyard grilling is always a classic way to celebrate a warm summer night or holiday, this year why not try something different and throw/attend a Yacht Party? After all, you've got three months—we’ve got you covered on how to do it in style!

yacht party

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." —Yves Saint Laurent

Work your way up

Let’s start at the bottom, shall we, because the worst thing in life is to find the perfect outfit to then have to settle on a choice of footwear. For those that have never experienced this, consider yourself lucky! To put it into context it’s like deciding to treat yourself to ice cream from McDonald’s, just to find out their machine isn’t working, so you end up with a corner store Slurpee. Dissatisfied and displeased with yourself.

Men, for a nice safe choice, a pair of Sperry’s or boat shoes remain a staple for any on-the-water occasion. With a plethora of styles, it’s a shoe that can be paired with just about any outfit! However, if you want to really jazz up your look, a nice slip on loafer is very summer 2018 and a sure way to impress everyone onboard. Just be sure to avoid suede, or to at least get suede protector; the last thing you want is to ruin your shoes and to be left with a pair of drowned, matted rodents for footwear.

Women, while Sperry’s are a nice selection for you too, you at least have nearly endless possibilities when it comes to shoes. As the always stylish Sonia Rykiel once said, “How can you live the high life if you do not wear the high heels?” While heels are always flattering and a way to show off your strong calves and strut your stuff, we also want to avoid an embarrassing incident of slipping on deck. Thus, go for a cute pair of Birkenstocks or Tory Birch sandals –Summer 2K18 essentials – or anything else flat and open-toe!

"Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” Christian Louboutin

Bottoms, Sans Bell

With every year what’s old is once again new, and this summer’s style comes as no exception; except bell bottoms, leave those at the 2nd hand stores and in your parent’s closet. This is a chance to add in a pop of color, gentlemen, we are talking to you especially.  A nice pair of colored chino shorts, or pants if you can weather the conditions, screams stylish, but also an incredible amount of comfort.

Ladies, you too, but again your options are a little more endless! Feel free to play around with patterns, materials, color pallets, as the infamous Madonna song goes, “ready or not, express yourself.”  Just be sure to remember this is a yacht party we are attending, not a wacky themed high school homecoming event.

On to the Next One

When it comes to a party on-the-water, everyone needs to keep practicality in mind. What looks good on land, may not be very water appropriate. Thus, when considering a shirt/blouse/top (whatever floats your boat) think about breathable materials and layers.

Fellas, for a stylin’ look, opt for a nice short sleeved button up paired with a casual jacket or blazer. This is another opportunity to play around with patterns and colors. A nice turqiouse button up with navy blue feathers paired with a navy blazer, says you’re in tune with fashion and what looks good on you. Playing with color and patterns, can also serve as a way to lock in masculinity and sure to turn some heads.

Gals, the fashionistas of layers! We think it’s safe to say, that men are actually jealous. Dressing to impress, is not for the boys, it’s for yourself and your fellow woman. You can also wear a nice button-up shirt, but why not go for the button-up shirt-dress and throw a statement kimono over top.

For everyone, remember stripes are always a nautical quintessential and safe way bet for those of you that are a little more reserved when it comes to patterns and colors.

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them." —Marc Jacobs

Get Accessorized!

This is the part where we just start spit-balling and rapid-firing ideas, because who doesn’t love a good accessory or six?

Watches – something thin, sleek and chic. A simple gold band watch will do the trick, or for a more masculine look, guys, you can opt for a trendy wooden watchband (read our feature on Best Sailing Watches to find a few different options).

Bracelets – we’ve got one thing to say, stack ‘em! Guys, that means you too! From silver or gold bangles to colored/textured bohemian beads to leather band anchor/steering wheel bracelets, what’s more nautical than the very parts of a boat?

Shades – after all, what better way to be able to throw some at your fellow partygoers than to have a pair of sunglasses that hide your every eye movement? This year’s trends are thin and two-toned sunglasses. Go for a tortious-shell frame that rests on gold wired arms, like Ray Bans or the budget-friendly Warby Parker. For another fun, splash of color to your ensemble, try colored shades or even play around with shapes (from overly-rounded to cat-eyed to triangular) – all of which scream the vintage trends of Summer 2018.

There you have it. Now you can quit looking for an impromptu stylist or searching endlessly through the bountiful Pinterest boards, not getting anywhere closer to your Yacht Party Look. Remember to think Hampton’s Luxe, Preppy Realness—all with some personal flare and a little bit of on-the-water practicality. After this guide, we are sure you will steal the show with your seafarer style!