The term “Black Friday” has had many meanings over the years. Back in 1869, it was applied to a financial crisis signaling the crash of the US gold market. Today as we know it, it’s the day of deals—and we mean good deals—that falls on the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday’s holiday sales present one of the best opportunities for shoppers to bring home the season’s best bargains. For boaters, this means price cuts on fishing gear, stand up paddle boards (SUPs), lifejackets, marine electronics, watersports toys, kayaks, and so much more.

Searching for the best Black Friday deals for boaters? You've come to the right place.

Searching for the best Black Friday deals for boaters? You've come to the right place.

Where can you find the best Black Friday deals?

The answer is simple: right here on Leading up to Black Friday 2017, we will be compiling a list of the top shopping deals for boaters. We’ll show you exactly where to find the hottest marked-down items from stores like…

Before you start shopping, take a look at the Black Friday deals you might have missed out on last year.

Why do we call it ‘Black Friday’?

Black Friday never fails to bring out two contrasting characteristics in our friends and family members. You have those who are eager to hit the pavement early following Turkey Day, ready to stake their claim on the number 1 spot in line at their favorite marine supply store. Or, you have those who are so completely uninterested in getting involved in the pure shopping madness that is Black Friday. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall, one thing we’re all curious about is how and when did Black Friday originate? And why exactly do we call it ‘Black Friday?

While there are plenty of competing stories behind its history, the most commonly told explanation is centered on retailers. It’s been said that after an entire year of operating “in the red,” or at a loss, retailers would earn profit on the day following Thanksgiving—putting them “into the black,” or back into a positive profit. Of course, this makes sense considering that stores did used to record their accounting in black to show profit and red to show loss. Although this version of Black Friday’s birth seems reasonable, it’s not the only story that’s been told.

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The term "Black Friday" didn't always mean crazy shoppers and markdown deals...

Another account, which many believe to be true, traces Black Friday’s origin to the city of Philadelphia. According to the History Channel, in the 1950s, it was said that Philadelphia Police used the term to describe the chaos that began on the day after Thanksgiving. The story goes that “hordes of suburban shoppers and tourists flooded into the city in advance of the big Army-Navy football game held on that Saturday every year.” Police would work extra long hours to deal with the massive crowds and potential shoplifters. Finally, in 1961—despite retailers’ best efforts to coin a name that had a more positive connotation, “Big Friday”— it’s reported that the name “Black Friday” finally caught on for good.

Origins and history aside, Black Friday has successfully engrained its place into the hearts and souls of shoppers all across the US—including those in the boating community. As we get closer to Friday, November 24, 2017, if you’re in search of the best deals a boater can buy, be sure to follow our LIVE guide to the Best Black Friday Deals 2017.