It may never see water, but Honda has created the sexiest outboard at the Miami International Boat Show. The Honda Marine Design Concept Engine, an exercise of the Honda Advanced Design Group in Los Angeles, was unveiled today at the Miami show in the Honda booth, placed directly next to the stunning new Acura NSX sports car. Both car and outboard are finished in brilliant Nouvelle Blue Pearl. This was no coincidence, according to Jarad Hall, who led the group tasked with creating the concept engine.

“The concept outboard was influenced by the NSX,” said Hall. “We were inspired by shapes, materials, and textures used on the Acura. One of our goals at Honda is to better utilize the design synergies we have available. Few companies can offer the scope of design experience available at Honda, where we are working daily on projects ranging from lawn mowers to jet aircraft.”

Encouraged to be imaginative and forward-thinking, Honda designers created a concept engine that was taller than conventional marine engines. The sculpted lines tie the concept engine to the traditional marine engine shape and functionality, but show extra creativity in the design details. Honda calls the result a modern, technical form language that creates a tailored package and gives a slimmer, more vertical appearance to the marine engine.

The most distinctive feature of the Honda concept outboard is a wing-shaped carbon fiber blade that wraps around the cowl. According to Hall, that shape is lifted from the flying buttress that connects the roof to the rear fenders on the NSX. The pattern of honeycomb inserts in vents below the front and rear bumpers of the automobile are mimicked in vent shapes on the back of the outboard.


Honda's concept outboard features a wing-shaped carbon fiber blade surrounding the cowl. It echoes a similar design shape on the Honda NSX.


Honda was clear that the outboard concept displayed at Miami is for now nothing more than a design intended to inspire and elicit feedback from the public. Honda says the concept delivers a vision of the boating lifestyle of the future.

“The Honda Marine Design Concept Engine is a clear indicator that Honda is committed to the marine business, continuing its legacy of innovation and groundbreaking marine products with a vision of what future Honda Marine power could be,” said Will Walton, Assistant Vice President of Honda Marine.

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Honda's engine makers are encouraged to explore the design synergies available within the company.

It was fun just to see a blue-sky vision for what future marine engines could look like.

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