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Yamaha has created a distinct WaveRunner® experience for every kind of personal watercraft fan, from first-time buyers to the pros on the world racing circuit. For romantic getaways, for three day weekends, for tubing and racing, there is a WaveRunner for whatever adventure awaits you.

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With more than 50 years of marine heritage,Yamaha is the most trusted brand in the industry. The engineering expertise and knowledge we’ve acquired over the years has created a legend on the water that only goes by one name. The one and only WaveRunner® personal watercraft.

Yamaha’s 2018 lineup of WaveRunners contains unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Our owners benefit from Yamaha innovations like RiDE®, the world’s first dual throttle handlebar controls for easier maneuvering, NanoXcel® technology that provides incredibly durable and extremely lightweight hulls and decks, and No Wake ModeTM that makes setting and holding your correct No Wake zone speed a breeze. The entire WaveRunner lineup is pure Yamaha from stem to stern, with every hull, deck and engine designed and built by Yamaha.

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