On the Water: Resources

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    5 Must-Have Amenities on Mega Yachts

    Diane Byrne

    Creativity abounds aboard mega yachts, as these highly sought creature comforts prove. …Read More

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    Best Sunglasses for Boaters: Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Costa Del Mar, Oakley, Smith

    Kim Kavin

    Sunglasses are a must-have item for all boaters, but with so many options to choose from it can be hard to narrow down your options. Here's a list of our favorites from some of the top brands such as Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Costa Del Mar and more. …Read More

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    10 Survival Items to Have on Deck If You’re Stranded

    Jack Feldman & Gregory Mintz

    It's a boater's worst nightmare—stranded in the middle of the ocean and no sign of help anywhere on the horizon. If you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament, you better hope you have these 10 survival items onboard. …Read More

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    Jet Skis

    Brett Becker

    The first Kawasaki Jet Ski was born in the year 1973 as a stand-up model with 400 cc two-stroke engine—since then, the company has been making waves in the personal watercraft (PWC) market. …Read More

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    Discovering the Discovery Yachts Program

    Diane Byrne

    If you’re as passionate about protecting the ocean as you are about cruising on it, read on. …Read More

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    Freshwater Fishing Boats

    Lenny Rudow

    Should you buy an aluminum skiff, a bass boat, or a multi-species fishing machine? What does each have to offer? …Read More

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    Ocean Pollution: Staying Green to Keep Our Oceans Blue

    Sofia Dacharry, Catherine Coleman and Nathaniel Derrenbacher

    In honor of Earth Day, here's a few things that every water-loving boater should know in order to stay green and keep our seas free of ocean pollution. …Read More

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    Boat Shoes

    Christian Felipe, Adam Goffstein, and Zach Stubblefield

    What makes a good boat shoe? Our experts outline some of the key components for those in search of new boating footwear for their yachting lifestyle. …Read More

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    Boat Taxes: All the Basics

    Kim Kavin

    Many of us dread Tax Day on April 15th—boat owners included. Here's everything you need to know when it comes to learning how to deal with boat taxes. …Read More

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    Why Giving Your Boat a Good Name is Everything: Tips for Naming Your Boat

    Christian Felipe, Zachary Stubblefield, and Adam Goffstein

    Now that you have your lovely vessel, you might be thinking this is all over. It’s not…. It’s not even worth having a boat if you’re not going to give it a good name …Read More

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