If you're looking at a new boat, you want to know it's well-built. Unfortunately, there are a million variables to consider. Everything from hull layup to stringer construction to wiring to upholstering, and a whole lot more. As boats.com Senior Editor Lenny Rudow shows, however, you can usually survey one part of a modern powerboat and in doing so, learn a whole lot about the lengths a builder goes to, while constructing a new boat. Hatches are the key. Tune in, and learn why.

Following Rudow's advice and checking out a boat's hatches closely, will you be able to tell if this boat or that one is truly well-built? Nah. There are plenty of builders out there who do a great job on hatches, and a not so great job on something else. And there are some that do their hatches in a rather poor manner, yet build quite a solid boat. But the hatches do give you an indication of a builder's general attitude—and there are few items aboard that are as telling, when it comes to determining if a boat is well-built.