The EZ Dock modular system can be designed to solve just about any docking dilemma, and we’ve already examined how the EZ Port Max 2i is ideal for PWCs, and the EZ Dock Kayak Launch takes care of kayakers. What we haven’t yet delved into, however, is the ways an EZ Dock package can be designed, installed, and expanded on to create the complete, comprehensive docking package you need.

The EZ Dock system can be configured to fit just about any need, from boats to PWCs.

The EZ Dock system can be configured to fit just about any need, from boats to PWCs.

“One of the best parts about an EZ Dock system is how easy it is to reconfigure and expand to make your perfect waterfront retreat,” explained Megan Damcevski, of EZ Dock. “With a variety of dock sections, ports and accessories, EZ Dock can be customized to fit your needs, even as those needs change and evolve over time.”

For an example, just look back at that dock in the picture above. If you decided to take up water skiing or wake surfing, you could easily add sections to this set-up to accommodate a runabout. You could choose to add a single dock section with cleats for side-to mooring; you could add a U-shaped section and moor the boat in the middle; or you could add an EZ BoatPort and pull your boat up onto it, to keep it completely out of the water.

Installations are commonly done by a professional EZ Dock installer, who will arrive with all the necessary tools and put the dock together quickly and efficiently. Plus, unlike traditional pier-and-piling docks, the EZ Dock is virtually maintenance-free and is built to last for many years. These sturdy polyethylene docks won’t splinter or rot, never need painting, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. They’re built to take on the harshest water conditions, too. In fact, one common misconception about EZ Dock products is that they are not as stable as traditional docks, which is untrue. The flexible flotation technology provides unmatched stability with flotation chambers constructed for optimal strength and structural integrity. The dock sections adapt easily to changing water conditions and levels, and are designed to provide additional stability on the water—your first step on an EZ Dock will eliminate any doubts about their stability.

Part of the reason EZ Docks are so solid and stable is the advanced coupling system, which gives them a unique advantage over other types of docks. They allow the flexibility to handle the roughest conditions, which could break apart some other systems under similar duress. In fact, it’s not uncommon for an EZ Dock to be the only dock remaining after a rough storm. You’d like to see the proof with your own eyes? Just watch this video:


With the wide latitude in arrangements, comprehensive mooring options for watercraft ranging from kayaks to yachts, and a proven track-record of toughness and longevity, it’s clear that an EZ Dock system is one of the best investments you can make in a waterfront property. Perhaps even more important, however, is the fact that an EZ Dock system simply makes boating and watersports easier. That means less work, and more fun—and isn’t having fun why we become boaters in the first place?

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Editor’s Note: Promotional consideration for this article was provided by EZ Dock.