So you’ve finally got the boat you’ve been wanting. Getting to this point was definitely no small feat, the journey from the initial thought, “having a boat would be so cool,” to actually looking at different models, and finally making the purchase, is a long and arduous one. Now that you have your lovely vessel, you might be thinking this is all over. It’s not. You haven’t even named the thing yet, and it’s not even worth having a boat if you’re not going to give it a good name.

The name of a boat reveals a lot about the owner. That’s why you find the owners of the Nauti Buoys stirring up trouble on the decks of the Aquaholics, and Serenity sailors puffing cigars aboard their friends’ Island Time. The best ones speak on who you are while the good ones will impress people, an average one will be forgotten, and the bad ones are remembered forever. Yes, we’re looking at you Nauti Swallow.

What some people don’t realize is that boats are actually man’s best friend. Just like dogs, they keep us entertained and smiling. The difference is that boats also keep us from drowning—there are only a few stories of dogs that have done that. The point is, we put a lot of thought into naming dogs, and it’s the exact same story for naming boats.

What will you name your boat? The options are endless...


Tips for Naming Your Boat

It’s important that you name your boat something you will be proud of five years down the line or maybe even ten hours down the line (when you sober up). Here are some tips, so you don’t make any guffs when trying to come up with the best name for your sleek, new ship.

1. Be patient

Names don’t always come right away. They take their sweet time cruising into your mind just like sailors lounging on a nice summer day as they coast across the ocean. We promise you the name will come; it always does. You might be taking a shower when it sneaks up on you or untangling some nets, but once it comes you’ll know it’s the one.

2. Be the boat

If you were a boat, what would you name yourself? After all, your boat’s name is a reflection of you. If you try hard enough you might find yourself in an out-of-body experience guzzling saltwater facedown as you drag through the waves on a sunny day. Maybe the name will pop into your head during that moment.

3. Keep it short

No one likes a word salad. If it’s more than three words, it’s not a name anymore; it’s a sentence. And trust us, there aren’t many memorable sentences. Think about it in a practical sense. Imagine there’s an emergency, and you need to tell someone the name of your boat. That long name certainly is not going to do you any favors.

4. Avoid cliches

The 'clever’ way you put the word 'cat' in the name of your catamaran isn’t actually clever. We promise. Remember your boat is your legacy on the water. Make it your own. Show the ocean what you have to offer.

5. Girls, Girls, Girls (or Boys?)

Everyone has had a significant other in their lives. Think of the ones that have cared for you (or hurt you) the most. Maybe one has scarred you enough that you want to put their name on your boat.

6. Consider your other interests

Boating is only one of the interests you have. There are other things you love to do. Consider incorporating those into your boat name. It's a great way to add a personal flair and to let people know that you're more than just a boater.

7. Go with your gut

At the end of the day, name it what you want. It’s your boat. You don’t need anyone else’s opinion but your own. Just don’t screw it up—no pressure. And happy naming!