We made it! Today is the final post in our 12 days of boating series, and to celebrate we have a special quiz:

What thematic graphic has graced every 12 days of boating but one?

And, for extra credit... which day did we leave it out?

The answers are at the end of this post.

Now we'll get to the final line of our song. Here we go:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

12 trawlers trolling

1 red trawler with wreath

This Great Harbour trawler is a traveling home on the water.

11 go fast engines
10 jet skis leaping
9 ladies racing
8 cruisers cruising
7 fishheads fishing
6 Center Consoles

5 Mega Yachts

4 cuddy cabins
3 jet boats
2 motor yachts

...and a Pontoon in a Pear Tree.

Phew! Nice job on that three part harmony.

When we talk about trawlers these days, we're thinking more about cruising and gunkholing than trolling, so I've taken one final bit of artistic license here. But doesn't this Great Harbour trawler look like a nice home away from home, steaming toward her next port? I can almost smell the savory fish stew simmering on the stove below. You can read more about this boat in Great Harbour N37: A Trawler for Two.

You can also read more stories about trawlers, or read the rest of our trawler reviews.

And if you're ready to shop, here's a link to the boats.com trawler listings.

Now, the answer to our quiz: What thematic graphic has graced every one of our 12 days of boating but one?

Answer: this wreath-tinywreath, which shows up in 11 of our 12 Days of Boating.

The extra credit answer is: Day 9. Because it just wouldn't fit on the transom of a Yngling half-hidden by big waves.

That's it... thanks for staying with us the past 12 days, and welcome to 2015!