If you haven't yet found your dream boat in our 12 days of boating, you obviously aren't interested in Jet Boats, Motor Yachts, or a Pontoon in a Pear Tree. So for day 4 we'll look at something a little different:

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

4 cuddy cabins

3 jet boats
2 motor yachts
...and a Pontoon in a Pear Tree.

4 cuddy cabins and a wreath

Clockwise from top left: Pursuit OS 255, Cruisers SS 279, SeaVee 430 Fish-Around, and the Sea Ray 235 Weekender.


Cuddys cover a wide range of designs, and if you're not sure what this term means, here's Lenny Rudow's definition: "A cuddy cabin boat is a family-friendly platform that’s nimble and maneuverable like a bowrider, but it differs from that open design because it has a cabin on the bow." The advantage of this (according to Lenny) is that it's "family-friendly, sporty, and versatile."

We've included 4 of our favorites in the photo above, and if you want more information on those, here's where to find it:

We've got plenty more about cuddys, so make sure to read on:

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And make sure to come back tomorrow to see what boats day 5 will bring... because it's going to be a big day.

Editor's Note:  (Are you tired of 12 Days of whatever by now?) Most of the holiday countdowns ended on December 25, but we chose to begin ours on that date in keeping with tradition. Stay tuned for more new and used boats to gawk at, ogle over, dream about—and maybe even buy. Because what better gifts could the wise men bring you than a platform for your next boating adventure?