Fountaine Pajot Boat Reviews

  1. Reviews / Power Catamaran

    Fountaine Pajot Catamaran Motor Yacht MY 44 Review

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Feb 6, 2018

    The new 2018 Fountaine Pajot Catamaran Motor Yacht MY 44 is like a second home—at 20+ knots. …Read More

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  3. Reviews / Catamaran

    Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58: Flagship of the Fleet

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Nov 2, 2015

    Space and luxury on a sailing catamaran are redefined, aboard the Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58. …Read More

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  6. Reviews / Power Catamaran

    Fountaine Pajot 37 Video: First Look

    Lenny Rudow
    Oct 9, 2015

    This new 2016 model may change the way you think of Fountaine Pajot. …Read More

  7. Reviews / Catamaran

    Fountaine Pajot Saba 50: Sailing Catamaran Comfort

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Oct 4, 2014

    A complete emphasis on comfort, livability and multiple relaxation areas in the Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 makes sailing on this cat a breeze. …Read More

  8. Reviews / Power Catamaran

    Fountaine Pajot Cumberland 47 LC Power Catamaran

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Jun 11, 2014

    Fresh from a design revamp, this new cat benefits from owner feedback and a name change. …Read More

  9. Reviews / Power Catamaran

    Fountaine Pajot Summerland 40: Trawler and Catamaran In One

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Jul 1, 2013

    Can a power cat serve as a slow-fast trawler? Fountaine Pajot says yes, with the new Summerland 40. …Read More

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  12. Reviews / Catamaran

    Fontaine Pajot Sanya 57: Resort Living on a Catamaran

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Mar 15, 2013

    Defined by elegance and practicality, Fontaine Pajot Sanya 57 has rightly earned its status as the flagship of the Fountaine Pajot line. …Read More

  13. Reviews / Power Catamaran

    Helia 44: A New Design from Fountaine Pajot

    Zuzana Prochazka
    Dec 1, 2012

    Bluewater performance, liveaboard comfort and smart features come together in this sailing catamaran. …Read More

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