And this just in, as seen on the San Diego Beneteau dealer South Coast Yachts Facebook page, a factory photo of the racy new Beneteau First 30, with a paint job that's going to get noticed.

Lined up at the factory, fast new 30-footers from Beneteau get the hot pink treatment.

Lined up at the factory, a couple fast new 30-footers from Beneteau get the hot pink treatment.

More than three decades since the original First 30 went sailing for Beneteau, a pretty radical looking production sailboat is about to take to the waves. Designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian and the in-house team at Beneteau, and with singlehanded ocean-racing star Michel Desjoyeaux, in his own words, "stirring things up to improve the product," the new First 30 shows more than a little of the styling that have sent Desjoyeaux—and Kouyoumdjian's Volvo 70 boats—speeding around the world.

It's not your average Beneteau, sporting twin rudders, powerful T-bulb, aft chines, and a mainsail boom that reaches all the way to the back of the semi-open transom. Then again, the interior will no doubt be stylish and a bit more comfortable than any purpose-built racing sailboat. And, of course, Beneteau has never held back from working with racing sailboat designers. Bruce Farr, Jean-Marie Finot/Pascal Conq, German Frers, and Jean Berret—to name a few—have consistently pushed Beneteau's performance envelope. And the first among this august group was Andre Mauric, who designed the original First 30 based on a Half-Ton class design that won a world championship.

I'm not sure any of these designers, including Juan K, would make a pink paint job their first choice. But most wouldn't care if the boat performed as planned. And Juan K has certainly seen his designs in coats of many colors already.  Check out the short videos on the Team First 30 page, see a few illustrated images, and hear Desjoyeaux talk about his role in the project. Soon we should have some pictures under sail.

Oh yeah, South Coast Yachts has images of the boats with pink sails, too.

—John Burnham

Written by: John Burnham
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