The Bennington QX30 is an all-new luxury performance pontoon boat that is designed with a fresh twist on classic styles and amazing attention to detail. The sleek profile and universal appeal of this fiberglass boat also includes over 20,000 color options, measuring 30 feet in length with plenty of optional equipment for the perfect choice in personal expression. This vessel has a lot to offer and is
definitely worth the look.

Take A Firsthand Look With Our Onboard Walkthrough Video

While there is no amount of information that can substitute the firsthand experience of getting on a boat and checking it out for yourself, you can get a good idea of what it's like onboard by watching our quick walk through review with Lenny Rudow. Join him as he hops aboard the 30QX and shows us how the flagship of the Bennington pontoon boat fleet has plenty of creature comforts including a head, comfortable lounge seats, and premium audio and electronics. Powered by a pair of 425-HP Yamaha XTO outboards, this fast pontoon can reach speeds of up to 60+ MPH.

Keep reading to learn more about the Bennington QX30 and all the great features that it offers.

Customize Your Ideal Pontoon Layout

When you want a more customized boating option without the custom price, the QX collection from Bennington has everything that you need. This fiberglass class of vessels includes a variety of optional equipment that you can add to enhance your boating experience.

You will find things like:

  • Optional seating upgrades

  • Performance and engine upgrades

  • Fishing and watersports accessories and add-ons

  • Customizable floor plans and layouts

  • Thousands of interior and exterior color combinations

  • Seamless design with integrated docking and navigational lights for ease of operation

  • Low-profile windshields and dual captain's consoles for an added feeling of elegance and luxury

The understated exterior is sleek and elegant, opening to a pontoon-style deck that has plenty of open space, along with roomy seating options and storage for sport fishing and other activities. Sport arches and tow tower options are also available, including a variety of designs that can make your watercraft stand out and provide that sporty look that you crave. Plus, there are even models that operate with power and gas-assisted folding for easy transport and other removal needs.

Most Popular Floor Plans

Although there are a number of different designs and floor plans to choose from the QX series, there are three models that are most popular among both buyers and the boating industry. You can choose a stock option from the ones listed here or take the extra step to customize a little more to create your perfect boat. To start with, consider one of these three options.

Quad Bench

This is the most popular choice in the QX family, for many reasons. It offers the best combination of storage capacity, seating, and space for lounging. In addition to rounded bench seating, you'll also enjoy sleek built-in speakers, and added entertainment space for a truly custom and high-end feel when you're out on the water.


When you need more versatile seating options, this boat can get the job done. The innovative design offers dual seating options for forward and backward seating, and adjusting the furniture is a breeze. Plus, you'll still have plenty of storage and lounge space.

Stern Lounge

The last popular model from the Bennington QX30 lineup of options is the Stern Lounge, which is a design that was originally created by Bennington and offers comfortable twin-style seating to provide loungers where you can relax and enjoy the views on the water. If you're only boating for two and not looking to entertain large groups, this design is a definite winner.

Bennington Knows the Pontoon

Being one of the most popular boats on the water, the pontoon boat is a great choice for families and those who like to get out and enjoy their time on the water. The flat bottom styling of the boat makes it easy to use in shallow waters and allows it to get better fuel economy with less wake since it sits on the water rather than in it. This model has been around for centuries and was evolved from the basic concept of a raft, so it's no wonder that it is popular with its wide-open floor plan and versatile options.

Bennington has been revolutionizing the boating industry for decades, including with the latest and best in pontoon designs. The QX series is the latest offering from the brand, focused on giving boaters that customized buying experience, regardless of their needs, and catering to the next generation of boaters who want a vessel that's more of a personal statement and less of a standard-issue boat.

Premium comfort comes standard in the QX series, which is an upgrade from the typical basic nature of many pontoon designs. These are a number of different standard and upgradable features that you would expect to only find on luxury yachts, but Bennington understands the value of offering this premium comfort and control to every boater.

Comfort, Style, and Substance Abound

Some people buy boats for function. Others buy them for fun. Regardless, you should make sure that you're also buying a vessel that's stylish and has plenty of substance for your enjoyment on the water. Rather than choosing a standard-issue white fiberglass-clad vessel with various color trim options, you can upgrade to the QX30, a 30-foot marvel that can be configured in almost as many color combinations as you can imagine.

The QX 30 is all about giving the average boater a high-end choice in boat design. It's about making it easy for everyone to get the comforts that they deserve and create a custom boat without the custom price tag. Plus, it offers powerful performance options and a variety of optional upgrades so that you can make it the exact boat that you need. What more could you want?

If you're in the market for a versatile boat that can express your unique style on the water, check out the Bennington QX30 and see what you can create for yourself. There's a good chance you'll design the perfect boat, and you'll love the price tag, too.

Written by: Valerie Mellema
Valerie Mellema is a writer, published author and avid bass angler who lives on the shores of Lake Fork in East Texas — the top bass lake in Texas and the fifth in the nation. For the past 10 years, she and her husband have enjoyed the pontoon boat lifestyle while fishing a lake that not only has bass but beautiful wildlife as well. She holds a BS in Agribusiness/Equine Business and regularly contributes articles to, YachtWorld and Boat Trader.