img13815This fall Bertram Yacht will unveil its new 540. According to a press release from the company, the 54-footer is "quintessential sportfishing machine that maintains the features of the classic 54'and introduces new innovative elements to a sport fish craft."

The new design is the product of a collaboration between Norberto Ferretti, engineers and designers at Zuccon International Project, Bertram and the Ferretti Group. The result of the team effort reportedly is a yacht that delivers the steadfast performance and sea-keeping ability of a fishing vessel as well as the ultra luxury and comfort of a cruising yacht.

"Due to the advanced technology that the Ferretti Group makes available to Bertram, we have had the opportunity to deliver on the needs of our customers to continue producing high quality vessels and introduce innovations that are distinctive in the sport fishing industry," said Giovanni Vacchi, executive chairman and CEO of Bertram Yacht.

img13814The sharp bow, long waterline and deep-V hull remain intact on the 540. These unique characteristics give the vessel the power to break through the rough seas and a smooth ride.

"The new Bertram 540 is going to innovate the industry as we know it and proves that Bertram's innovation capabilities started with our historic hull design and will continue to shine through every advancement that we make today," said Vacchi.

The 540's forward wraparound window provides panoramic views of the surrounding waters and enables natural light to shine through the interior of the yacht. The ambiance created from these windows and the open salon layout provides an inviting atmosphere for entertaining on the open water.

Port and starboard stateroom windows also lend to added natural light and views of the sea. These state-of-the-art windows are made of multiple layers of glass and are both tested and designed exclusively by Ferretti Group's Advanced Yacht Technologies. They are engineered to hold up to the roughest sport-fishing conditions and are actually reinforced with directly into the fiberglass hull, contributing to the overall hull strength and design.

img13813The open view layout of the new 54' is adorned Eucalyptus, which provides a richness and enhances the natural light that enters the salon. The galley area features an open bar area to facilitate movement between the salon and the cockpit entry way for a more open entertaining and dining experience. A retractable aft cockpit window, which recedes down into the bulkhead for easy pass through of drinks and food was also added between the cockpit and the galley

Stereo sound systems were integrated into the bridge, salon and cockpit featuring iPOD connection for quality sound and easy control from any location on the boat. Additional amenities such as LED lighting, 12 and 110 volt outlets and extra cup holders were added for a more comfortable, modern day experience. Also, appliances and components were selected for their ease of serviceability for both U.S. and European markets.

img13812Outfitted as "an extreme fishing machine," the 540 is also streamlined with features that adhere to the needs of the true fisherman. This yacht features underwater exhaust and maximized storage space to hold up to 25 fishing rods. Additional tackle storage is incorporated into the mezzanine along with a baitwell and freezer. The transom fish box can also be converted into another baitwell or icemaker with ease. The fish boxes on the cockpit floor have been made larger and deeper and are now placed on each side of the fighting chair for easier access from the transom door.

Bertram 540 will be introduced for the first time at this year's 2008 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.