We all know that natural gas is less costly—both economically and environmentally—than gasoline, and now, Blue Gas Marine brings natural gas to outboard engines. Check out this First Look Video we shot at the Miami Boat Show to see one in action.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this conversion is that you can still run the engine on regular old gasoline. So going with Blue Gas Marine doesn’t mean you limit your fuel choices, you double them. And remember, it’ll work on any four-stroke outboard, no matter which manufacturer’s engine you have on your boat. Seeing this Dusky center console, the first boat purpose-built to run with Blue Gas Marine, really makes one wonder: will we see more and more conversions like this in the future? It makes sense, considering how much fuel cost it’ll save in the long run. 70 percent is one heck of a lot to save at the pumps, especially if you do long runs to fish the canyons or extended cruises along the coast. Then, of course, there’s the environment to consider. Natural gas burns cleaner and contributes far less to greenhouse gases.

But this isn’t a boater’s only alternative to gasoline. To learn more, read Alternative Power: Outboards that are Gasoline-Free. In this article and its accompanying video, we show you several different choices ranging from propane-powered outboards to electric engines to solar diesel-electric boats. Truth be told, marine engines haven’t progressed nearly as quickly as automotive powerplants when it comes to alternative fuels—but they have come a long way in the past few years. Check it out, and stay up to date with the latest in going gasoline-free.