I went on my first fishing trip this past week in Ocean City, MD—though I never picked up a rod. My job was to produce a fishing show about how to catch more flounder, deal with the generation gap, and play pranks on your dad. It's going to be really cool, even for non-fishheads like me. But I digress...

The star of the show (boat-wise, anyway) was an Everglades 243 CC provided by Annapolis Boat Sales. That's what you'll see on film, and she's a beauty. But since I was working behind the scenes, I spent my days onboard our video platform, a Carolina Skiff 24.

Carolina Skiff 24 as movie platform

On the right is our video platform. This boat made our work easy... though she's not quite as glamorous as the star of our show, at left.

Thanks in large part to the owner/driver, Captain Fred, this 24 footer did her job perfectly. Yes she's an open boat, but the camera bags (stacked on the foredeck) stayed almost completely dry, even as we ran at top speed across the lovely (and so well-named) Assawoman Bay. We also kept our feet dry, which I (underdressed for the chilly day) really appreciated. And we had enough room and stability for two people to film on the starboard side, while several others aboard chatted and watched the fishing action.

The side decks are high enough to feel safe but (according to Captain Fred) still low enough to land a freshly caught fish. The T-Top provides enough protection from wind and rain but is narrow enough to allow an easy transit from bow to stern on either side. The seat forward of the console was comfortable, even for high speed running. And there were plenty of handholds within easy reach, anywhere I stood. This boat is simply an uncomplaining workhorse.

When I asked Lenny Rudow if they still made this model, he said no. "The new version is the DLX 2480," he explained. "Same hull, but the interior, console, and decking are all dressed up a bit."

Carolina Skiff 2480

Here's the new version of our video platform, the Carolina Skiff DLX 2480.

Of course this is not the kind of boat that made me wish we were heading out through the Ocean City inlet to the Atlantic, but even in an open bay it did its job very well. Flat-bottomed, stable, easy to maneuver, and never depth-hungry, this boat made a great video platform. You won't be seeing her on camera when our show goes live, but she won't be sitting at home feeling left out either—she'll be out on Assawoman Bay, helping Captain Fred catch a few more fish.

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Written by: Carol Cronin
Carol Cronin has published several novels about the Olympics, sailing, hurricanes, time travel, and old schooners. She spends as much time on the water as possible, in a variety of boats, though most have sails.