Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to post important blogs on the weekend and there are fewer readers then usual today, but this is too important to wait. Besides, this has virtually nothing to do with boats. (It is of interest to the industry, but I’m not an industry guy I’m a boat nut.) So now’s a good time. Anyway…

While discussing the modern state of print media in the boating industry (read: deceased) with a PR guy yesterday, we agreed that “getting some ink” for a manufacturer no longer has the importance it used to – not by a long shot. In the olden days (2007 and prior) PR was all about getting magazines to run reviews and press releases. But these days, what everyone wants is exposure in the virtual world: Blogs, web sites, e-mail newsletters, Facebook posts, and Twitamajiggers have completely taken over. Actual ink is now more or less irrelevant, thus the term “getting ink” is irrelevant, too.

As we talked it hit me like a ton of pixelized cyber-bricks falling on an LCD screen – the new media idiom could and should be (drum roll, please) “VINK!” Yes that’s right, vink –  as in “virtual ink”. 

The power of the press has given way to the influence of the Internet, the brawn of the blogosphere, and the dominance of digitization. Now, today, in our own beloved world of boating  journalism, ink is dead. Long live Vink!