Miami Boat Show Preperation..Input Wanted. Ed Sherman

As someone who lives in the northern latitudes, I always look forward to getting to Miami in February to make my rounds at the Boat Show and connect with friends in the industry. Since I'm currently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and as I left my hotel this morning it was something like 5 degrees F outside with a brisk breeze making a wind chill that brought things down to around -10 F, warm is going to feel especially good this year.

This year I'll be on a mission in Miami and I thought I'd share just a little bit of that with you, and also ask for your input at the same time. One of my primary goals at the Miami show is to gather photos that I use in my books, articles and this year for this blog site. I'm currently in the process of developing a totally revised gasoline engine certification for the ABYC. I'll be shooting all manner of photos of engines (both inboard and outboard) and drive systems this year. Cut-aways of engines, close-up shots of specific parts of engines and sub-systems on or near engines are all fair game. Talking about this and that is great, but we all know that a good picture is worth a thousand words. I'm currently assembling my shot list and thought it might be a great idea to get some reader input as to specific shots you'd like to see. If you register to my site either directly or through the Boater Mouth Site (www. or send me an email directly at:  with a specific request, I'll try to get the shot. When I get back form Miami, I'll post your requests with a little background about the shot and explanation of what exactly the shot means to you as a boater. So, we've got a week to get this done. Get those emails sent my way and I'll follow-up after the show.