Last summer I tried both SeaView and ScanStrut radar mounts, and was impressed with both.  I also got the sense that these are two able companies in healthy competition.  No surprise then that SeaView has just introduced electronics pods not unlike the ScanPod (originally called the DeckPod) that I also tested last season.  That big ScanStrut housing held up pretty well to the weight of a Raymarine C140 though it did jiggle a bit in rough going and I did have to adjust the clamp once.  SeaView's design, above, looks to have two clamps and maybe more bearing surface, and I'll be curious to get a feel for its range of motion and rigidity when clamped.  Maybe in Miami?  Meanwhile, ScanStrut has moved into cable deck seals...

ScanStrut's Deck Seal, seen below, looks a bit more rugged and hydrodynamic than the ubiquitous Blue Sea Cable Clam, and it's definitely less of toe stubber if actually installed on deck (my only Cable Clam is on the front of Gizmo's flying bridge).  But I wonder how easily it goes together, and particularly how you fit different size cables?  With the Cable Clam you have to drill and split the big rubber seal yourself, which may be the only practical way.  Again, I'll be looking out for this thing in Miami, but if you get more details before I do, please let us know.