When Evinrude first introduced the ETEC G2 outboards to the world, we were there to go for test runs and record an ETEC G2 250/Key West 239 First Look Video, an ETEC G2 300/Andros 32 First Look Video, and get our Outboard Expert Charles Plueddeman some quality time with a G2 so he could write The Outboard Expert: New Evinrude ETEC G2 Outboards. So, why did we revisit the G2 this year at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show? Because they had something new for us there: a G2 with no clothes on. Unlike the engines we'd been running on the water, this one had all of the cowling removed. And seeing this outboard engine in its birthday suit gave us an opportunity to point out a few technical details you can't normally see.

As stated in the video: there are a lot more details we didn't have time to delve into at the show. Things like the fact that the pistons and cylinder heads were also redesigned to improve air flow, along with the exhaust system we talked about. Or the fact that the shift actuator is enclosed inside the engine, which is designed purely for fly-by-wire control. Or that the fortunately absent cowls consists of an exoskeleton with side panels available in multiple color schemes, to match your boat.

Are these motors going to turn out to be perfect? We sincerely doubt it—the last time we saw a perfect outboard engine was... um... never. But those of us who are looking for a new boat, or to repower an old one, should certainly take the G2 into consideration.