So, you want to buy a boat company and Century Boats would interest you? Well, they’re still for sale. Though Yamaha was in negotiations to sell off Century earlier this year, evidently the deal fell through. In fact, Yamaha announced Century was still for sale just to help get the word out there – sounds like they REALLY want to sell ‘em off.

There’s an old saying in the boatbuilding business: If you want to make a million bucks building boats, start off with two million. As in, when all is said and done, you might end up with one mil left. Yamaha never purchased Century (nor Cobia, nor their other boatbuilding companies for that matter), to make a million bucks. They purchased them because then they could rig them with outboards, and every boat sold was one or two outboards sold as well. Even if selling the boat was a break even proposition, Yamaha would come out ahead. And at it’s peak in 2007, Century rolled a lot of boats through the door – over 1,000, in fact. It seems that now, however, boatbuilding can be so bad that this is no longer true.

So, why would you want to buy Century? You probably don’t… but if you have two million bucks laying around and you like the smell of raw fiberglass resin as much as I do, you might think it would be fun. Still interested? Contact Yamaha – boy, have they got a deal for you.

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