It’s true that I crewed aboard one of these tough mid-sized Canadian-built racer/cruisers across more than 600 miles of ocean in the summer of ’79. I also raced on her the year before at Block Island Race Week when there were more than 20 of this one model on the starting line. So it doesn’t surprise me to find a whole pile of listings for C&C 33s on, 34 years later.

C&C 33

C&C 33 Mk 2 Serious close reaches under spinnaker ( picture gallery)

OK, she had a few quirks, like an alcohol stove that I had trouble lighting and a gas engine that made me nervous…and a believer in the use of a blower. But she was a pretty quick sailer, and I’ll never forget one spring distance race on Long Island Sound; I was steering with only one other crewmember on deck, reaching fast through the fading evening light. It had been a full-on day of water across the deck, several wind shifts and sail changes, but it was warm enough, and now we were on the home stretch in smoother waters. Suddenly, I remembered it was my birthday, and even at the time, I realized it might just be my best one ever.

Looking at C&C 33s for sale on, I find them listed for $18,500 to $43,000, with the Mk II ‘80s-built boats in the higher ranges. The photo is from the picture gallery on a nice C&C 33 owners' site .

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Written by: John Burnham
John Burnham is a boat owner, leadership coach, marine writer, editor, and champion sailboat racer. He is the former editor of Sailing World, Cruising World, and