Centurion has been on the move lately, revamping its entire model line. Coming on the heels of the introduction of the Fi23 in July 2017 is the new-for-2018 Fi21, a conventionally sized tow boat jammed with the same kinds of features found in its larger stable mate, and those of larger competitive models.

Let’s begin with that matters to surfers and boarders: the wakes. The Fi21 is available with up to 4,750 pounds of water ballast, which is almost mind-boggling considering the boat doesn’t weight much more, at 5,100 pounds. That’s a nearly 10,000-pound footprint in the water. In the time you don’t spend throwing wakes for surfing and wakeboarding, you can moonlight in dock removal and shoreline erosion.

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Surf's up on the all-new Fi21—packed full of features that are only comparable to larger models.


The standard ballast system includes a 350-pound bow tank and the tank beneath the deck, which weighs in at 2,500 pounds. There’s also an optional 1,650-pound plug-and-play rear system and a 250-pound optional tank up at the bow.

The Fi21 is built on the modified deep-V hull, which is a new design Centurion calls Opti-V. It’s designed to mix maximum surf wave displacement and ride quality with the advantages of a deep V profile to create a symmetrical wakeboard wake. The key distinction here is that wakesurfing requires a massive wake on one side. Wakeboarding calls for symmetrical wakes.

Unlike the Fi23, the Fi21 does not come with CATS, Centurion’s proprietary articulating tracking fin system. Ram Fill and Quick Surf Pro are optional. If you’re serious about wakesurfing, Quick Surf is probably a must-have option because it builds those dock-crushing wakes to either side and it transfers the big wakes from side to side in 2 seconds, so riders can get a change of scenery. Surfers also will want the additional ballast capacity.

The Fi21 also comes with a new Split HD Touch Vision dash, which allows the driver to control the ballast and monitor all the boat’s functions. Optional systems, such as QuickSurf Pro and RamFill, also are touch-screen activated.

Elsewhere, the Fi21 lacks for nothing hardcore enthusiasts crave. It has a new stereo speaker system called “Downfire” because tunes are important, right? In more practical terms, the bow area is ultra-wide for enhanced comfort and roominess. There’s a SeaDek pad on the bow to make ingress and egress from sandy beaches more sure-footed and to minimize gelcoat scratches.

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Centurion Boats is known for their attention to detail. Take the wake tower, for example—positioned just right to be out of the driver's field of vision.

It’s also nice that Centurion threw in elegant flourishes you can see, like a French-stitched dashboard and a wakeboard tower with racks. What is not as noticeable is the placement of the tower, which puts it out of the driver’s field of vision, farther toward the rear and the boat’s center of gravity. By placing it farther aft, the rider has less influence on how the boat handles—drivers like that.

So, in a sense, the Fi21 is a driver’s boat that riders will love, or a rider’s boat drivers also can enjoy. Either way you look at it, the new Centurion Fi21 is jam-packed with the features necessary to satisfy both, and that’s no small task.

Other Choices: Want to go bigger? The Supreme S238 is your answer. In a similar size range, the Moomba Helix always does the job.

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Displacement5,100 lbs
Fuel capacity48 gal.