Lighten up with a titanium swivel.

Saving weight on a boat is usually essential to smaller, lighter, racing boats.  But hey, it can never hurt, especially if there’s no compromise on strength.  Colligo Marine, an innovative company out of Arizona, focuses on various aspects of rigging, and has a titanium halyard swivel for luff line furling systems.  The swivel features a built-in 2/1 halyard static block with the traditional clevis pin sail connection.  The swivel weighs only about 10 ounces and has a 6,000 lb. safe working load for boats up to 48 feet. 

The swivel is machined from titanium which includes the bearings so there are no corrosion issues.  Coastal race boats are probably the best target although larger boats can benefit as well depending on the application.

A stainless steel version is also available which weighs 14 ounces.