Michigan based distributor Ocean Racing has picked up two watches from British watch maker Optimum Time

Here are two cool watches for sailors from the Optimum Time OS Series.  The OS738 and the OS463 are both great timepieces designed for racing sailors who need precise information in a rugged package.  Both watches have soft-touch straps and stainless steel buckles which usually take a beating by getting caught on shrouds or banged on a spin pole.  They also both have large, 2-row displays, stainless steel casings, backlighting, 12/24 hour time keeping, calendar and alarm functions, and are water resistant to 5 ATM. 

Like proper race watches they have an ISAF pre-programmed sequence, a count down or up for handicap and one design racing, and a sync button if the start gun is missed. 

OS 738

In fact, the primary difference between the two watches is styling.  The 738 retails for $125 and has a 23x23mm square display with protruding buttons while the 463, which is $120, is round and has smoother buttons.  The 463 also features a tide predictor and graph, an electronic compass and the ability to show the declination (variation) angle adjustment worldwide. 

OS 463

With its edgy styling the 738 is likely to get more comments on and off the water but its prominent buttons might get caught on more things aboard.  The 463 is a more traditionally styled race watch but its sleek design is more likely to be more forgiving when you don’t have the time to worry about your onboard racing tools. 

And here's a real cool little gift for $30 for upcoming Dad's day - a carbon fiber pen - a must have for all hip racing dads.  The pen has nickle chrome ends and  uses standard ballpoint refills.  Way not necessary but really cool. 

Carbon fiber pen

For more information, check out boat at www.oceanracing.com.