The 2015 Cruisers 390 EC is an express boat that will stop you in your tracks—literally. That's what happened when our reviewer Gray Reich walked down the docks at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. One look at this new boat from Cruisers Yachts, and he just had to shoot this First Look Video.


Ahhh, you can almost feel that air-conditioning blowing, can't you? But that's just one of the ways the 390 Express Coupe keeps you comfortable. In our full review of this boat, Cruisers Yachts 390 Express Coupe: Shape Shifter, you'll also learn about the unique cockpit seating arrangement. It's unique, because it changes. Cockpit furniture is mounted on roller tracks, and can be changed from a single settee to multiple settees, and shifted from a center walk-through to a side walk-through.

2015 Cruisers 390 EC first look video

The 2015 Cruisers 390 EC is an express boat that will stop you in your tracks.

Though seating like this isn't completely unheard-of (we spotted a movable feast on the Sealine 48 a couple of years ago, and shot a video showing how the seating changes) it's a very rare thing. Still, we shouldn't be too surprised seeing it show up on the 390 EC. Cruisers Yachts has a well-deserved reputation for both inventing and quickly adopting new designs and features. Consider the atrium cabin design, for example. We first saw it in the Cruisers Cantius 48, it followed on the Cantius 45 and Cantius 41, and today, you'll find an atrium in the cabin of cruisers built by numerous builders.

If you find the 390 EC interesting, you can view listings for the boat here.

Or, go to Cruisers Yachts to get the manufacturer's viewpoint.

Written by: Lenny Rudow
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