img6881International Coatings has re-formulated the popular boat care range, Yacht Line and unveils eight new products at this year's Southampton Boat Show. With improved formulations, the new products will make boat maintenance easier and more effective.

Already tried and tested in the German and Swedish boating markets with extremely successful results, the introduction of the new high technology products allows for a streamlined range that caters for all uses.

The enhanced line up includes Liquid Rubbing for restoring, Gelcoat Cleaner for stubborn stains and Super Cleaner for general cleaning. To provide the ultimate finish in the polishes and waxes range, Polwax is joined by two high technology products, Polish with Teflonand Wax Sealer with Teflon.

The Wood Care Range has been consolidated with the introduction of Teak Restorer, which is a combination of Teak Cleaner and Teak Brightener. Teak Oil also forms part of this range and in addition to being a deep penetrating wood oil containing linseed and tung oils, it contains an anti-rust wax for metal surfaces.

All products from the new Yacht Line range, with the exception of Wax Sealer, can be applied to a wet hull. They are available in 500ml easy pour containers, with Super Cleaner, Teak Restorer and Teak Oil also available in 5 litre packs. The new Yacht Line range offers excellent value and impressive results in general boat care maintenance.

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