By Michael Good, YACHT magazine.

Hardly any other manufacturer is better at finding the compromise between good performance and cozy comfort at a fair price than Elan Yachts. It is one of several reasons why the Elan 350 won the 2011 European Yacht of the Year contest in 2011.

Elan 400

The Elan 400 updates the builder's performance series. It features twin wheels and rudders.

Now the Slovenians are adding the Elan 400, which closely resembles the 350, but in a larger package. Exterior features include a T-shaped keel, twin rudders and twin wheels, distinctive chines in the hull and a retractable bowsprit for gennaker and code zero.  The 400 closes the gap between the 350 and the 450 and replaces the predecessor model, the Elan 410, which hasn’t been available for quite some time.

Despite a slightly shorter hull (11.95 meters) this design by Elan’s go-to guy Rob Humphreys is supposed to have the same generous cockpit as the 410 did. Now the foldout table is hidden in the cockpit floor and the twin rudders have opened the passage through the cockpit, which involved clambering around the big single wheel on the 410. The vertical stern on the 400 has a large fold-down platform and a spacious compartment in this area that’s suitable for storing a liferaft.

Belowdecks the layout remains tried and true with three cabins and the option of one or two lavatories. In cooperation with Gigo Design, also from Slovenia, the styling of the interior on the 400 will be completely overhauled, which is met with great anticipation.

Elan will hold the world premiere for the new 400 at the Düsseldorf show from January 19 to 27, 2013. The pricing has not been announced.

For more information, contact Elan Yachts.


  • LOA (Hull) : 11.95 m

  • LWL: 11.26 m

  • Beam: 3.87 m

  • Draft : 2.40 m

  • DSPL. : 7.5 t

  • Ballast: 2.7 t

  • Ballast ratio: 33 %

  • Mainsail: 51.56 sq m

  • Genoa (107 %): 37,6 sq m

  • Gennaker: 135 sq m

  • Engine: 40 hp

  • Rating: CE-Category: A

 This story was originally published in YACHT magazine.