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    All About Saildrives

    Ed Sherman
    Mar 2, 2017

    Saildrive systems are commonplace on modern sailboats, taking the place of standard shaft-and-strut running gear. If you're evaluating a boat propelled by a saildrive auxiliary, get familiar with the pros and cons. …Read More

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    The Outboard Expert: New F25, F75, and F90 Outboards from Yamaha

    Charles Plueddeman
    Feb 23, 2017

    Lighter, faster, quieter outboard motors from Yamaha include a new F25 with EFI, an F75, and an F90. And there’s Yamaha prop news, too. …Read More

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    Simrad Go9: First Look Video

    Lenny Rudow
    Feb 8, 2017

    New for 2017, the Simrad Go9 brings more power to small, inexpensive MFDs. …Read More

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    The Outboard Expert: New Evinrude E-TEC 60 H.O.

    Charles Plueddeman
    Jan 10, 2017

    More displacement for more muscle makes this new two-stroke Evinrude an interesting match for heavy fishing boats and pontoons. …Read More

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    Top 5 PWCs of 2016

    Charles Plueddeman
    Dec 9, 2016

    If you’re looking for a new PWC from Yamaha, Sea Doo, or Kawasaki, these five are the latest and greatest. …Read More

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    Fishing with Seakeeper: Does Gyroscopic Stabilization Help?

    Oct 24, 2016

    We spend a day fishing on a boat equipped with Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilization, to see just how big a difference it makes. …Read More

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    Seakeeper Refit Alternatives

    Oct 12, 2016

    Adding aftermarket gyrostabilization with Seakeeper is an option on a huge range of boats, from 30’ and up. …Read More

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    How Seakeeper Works: Gyroscopic Stabilization for Boats

    Lenny Rudow
    Sep 26, 2016

    Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilization can turn that rocking, rolling boat into a shockingly stable platform. …Read More

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    Yamaha WaveRunner EX: New PWC Series Debuts

    Charles Plueddeman
    Sep 9, 2016

    Yamaha delivers a full dose of WaveRunner DNA in its new entry-priced EX series personal watercraft. …Read More

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    The Outboard Expert: New Yamaha F350C Outboard Debuts

    Charles Plueddeman
    Aug 22, 2016

    Continuous product improvement earns the big Yamaha V8 a new model designation. …Read More

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