The Everglades 455CC is not only prepped for serious fishing expeditions but also decked out in luxurious comfort. And if you're in the mood for an overnight stay, the king-size berth tucked within the console is your cozy haven. This modern flagship marvel is the longest and widest boat Everglades has built to date, and comes loaded with features that'll make your maritime journey a dream come true.

Above: An Everglades 455cc underway with plenty of passenger room. Image courtesy of Everglades Boats.


Over the past decade, the emergence of big center-consoles has taken the boating world by storm. Yet, even in this impressive category, the Everglades 455cc shines distinctly. Catering to both the dedicated angler and the lively party enthusiast, this vessel doesn't disappoint either. Boasting a length of 45 feet, a 13'3" beam, and a 25" draft, she features a 25-degree deadrise at the transom and can support up to 1,800 horsepower, along with 27 passengers. 


The Everglades 455cc comes with quad Yamaha 425HP XTO outboard engines as standard propulsion, providing a dynamic power punch that almost feels like having your own set of jet engines. These powerful outboards have the remarkable ability to cover vast distances with impressive efficiency, creating an illusion that your days on the water are unfolding slower and giving you more time to fish. The four XTO power package is really ideal for this vessel and allows her to hop on plane quickly without any reduction in visibility from behind the wheel. Additionally, when you encounter choppy waters and the ride gets bumpy, the Seakeeper 6 gyrostabilizer steps in to keep things steady, delivering a smooth ride regardless of the sea conditions.

Quad Yamaha 425s come standard on the Everglades 455cc. Photo courtesy of Everglades Boats.


Belowdecks, the cabin boasts a maximum headroom of 6'10", providing an unexpectedly spacious area to relax. It comes equipped with a galley/kitchenette and a private head featuring a distinct stand-up shower. Picture a galley for whipping up delicious meals, a high-low teak table that adapts to your every need, an airy stand-up head with a skylight-lit shower stall, and the icing on the cake after a day of fishing – air conditioning.

Above: A glimpse inside the interior cabin of the Everglades 455cc. Image courtesy of Everglades Boats.

The 455cc showcases masterful craftsmanship with the inclusion of exquisite materials and exotic woods. Its sophisticated aesthetics extend to top-grade leather-like upholsteries, temperature control both above and below the deck and elegant wood highlights all around. Stays, whether overnight or over the weekend, are made delightful and snug with the spacious king-sized bed that can be converted, ample galley space, and distinct facilities for the restroom and shower.


Heading topside, get ready to discover an array of innovative features that will reshape your water adventures. Picture a groundbreaking patented hydraulic sliding windshield that not only adds a stylish touch but also elevates your overall boating journey. Ever longed for more space to fit your electronics at the helm? Well, this boat has you covered with the capacity for not just one, but two 22-inch multifunction displays, ensuring you have all the navigation tools you require. And the fiberglass hardtop isn't just about sleek looks; it's designed with practicality in mind.

The helm setup is where technology meets comfort. With space for three flush-mounted 22-inch electronics displays, you have all the vital information right in front of you. The custom-made Garmin digital switching system ensures smooth transitions between functions, and most of the boat's operations can be controlled via the user-friendly touchscreen interface. And here's a nifty feature – the Garmin system even takes care of your livewells by periodically turning them off and restarting to prevent air locks. And that's not all - the forward helm seating boasts three independent seats with flip-up bolsters and armrests, making it your command center for adventure, plus three more independent seats just behind. With all of the seating onboard, you can accommodate up to 27 people, making this vessel a perfect platform for social gatherings on the water. When it's time to relax, you've got plenty of spots to unwind.

Above: The luxurious helm station on an Everglades 455cc. Image courtesy of Everglades Boats.


Now, let's talk about the fishing vibes on this vessel. It's a fishing enthusiast's dream with an abundance of rod holders – a grand total of 40! Whether you're reeling in a big catch or just enjoying the thrill of casting, this boat has you covered. Thanks to its high freeboard and well-planned deck layout, the 455cc is a true 360-degree fishing boat. Imagine seamlessly moving around, rod in hand, from the bow to the stern. Powder-coated aluminum toe rails add that extra layer of security, especially when you're fighting a fish.

When it's time to check on your bait, you'll appreciate the two pressurized circulating 50-gallon livewells with crystal-clear acrylic lids. Keeping your catch fresh is no hassle either, with multiple insulated fish boxes ranging from 22-gallon to 120-gallon capacity. Dive doors on both sides of the cockpit make it easy to bring in your prize catch from any angle. The hardtop even features a second helm station that's just a ladder climb away.


A sun lounge at the front of the console lets you soak up the sun, and the U-shaped bow area with removable cushions and forward-facing backrests is ideal for kicking back and taking in the view.

Above: The spacious bow area on the Everglades 455cc. Image courtesy of Everglades Boats.

LOA w/o Engine 45'
LOA w/ Engine 48' 8"
Beam 13'3"
Draft Hull Only 35"
Draft Engine Down 50"
Deadrise at Transom 25°
Transom Height 25"/35"/35"/25"
Dry Weight Standard w/ Engines (approx) 28,000 lbs
Weight w/ Options, Fuel & Water (approx) 33,500 lbs
Max HP Capacity 1,800HP
Fuel Capacity 683 gal
Water Capacity 100 gal
Livewell Capacity 100 gal
Bridge Clearance to Hardtop 9'
Bridge Clearance to Radar 15'8"

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