The new 2015 Evinrude G2 outboards are the number-one story in the world of boat engines this year, and we've already showed you the 300 HP models we tested out on an Andros 32 CC. Now, let's take a close-up look at the 250 HP model, then take it for a run on a Key West 239.


These are the next-generation ETEC outboards, and our experiences back up many of Evinrude's claims about these motors: They still have the two-stroke kick-in-the-pants acceleration, rigging has been significantly improved, efficiency is significantly improved, it's unreal how long you can go before scheduled maintenance, and over time that means you'll save cash.

We say "over time" because up-front, these engines are a bit more expensive than their four-stroke counterparts. Since exact pricing depends to some degree on where you're located and what kind of deal you get, it's hard to work with real-world numbers, but you may have to pay a couple thousand more to buy this powerplant. And we can't swear to the G2 250's reliability in the long run, since these motors are brand-spanking new. That said, last year's E-TECs had a pretty darn good track-record.

The biggest down-side we found was, of course, sound levels. You could hear in the video that I had to yell pretty loudly to be audible over the engine, and this is a common complaint with two-stroke outboards. What about the nasty smell and smokey clouds two-strokes produce? Forgeddaboudit. I didn't catch a whiff of burning oil nor did I ever see any visible smoke beyond a tiny puff or two on start-up.

As of right now, the E-TEC G2 outboards are only available in 200, 225, 250, and 300 HP models. But you can expect that to change with time. After a new technology like this is introduced in the upper-end of the range, the manufacturer virtually always "walks it down the line" when future model-years are rolled out. Since the invention of the G2 represents a big investment for Evinrude—and what looks like a big improvement in many ways—you can expect smaller models to quickly follow.

Evinrude E-TEC G2 test run video

In a video, of course, it's tough to dig deeply into the technical aspect of an outboard. At least, it's tough to do so without putting people to sleep. If you're a tech-head, however, you'll want to check out this column by Charles Pluddeman: The Outboard Expert: New Evinrude E-TEC G2 Outboards. In it, Plueddeman digs deep into the changes made from the older E-TEC line, specific improvements with the G2, and his first impression of the motors after a few sea trials of his own.

You can get the company line on the G2s by going to Evinrude. Or, if you'd like to get an idea of what boats these engines are already showing up on, check out these listings of 2015 models, which sport new Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards.