Graceful entries into and exits out of kayaks and canoes are possible – but they take skill to master. 

Getting into a small vessel like that from a dock is especially challenging and more than one paddler has gone for a swim rather than landing in his boat.  So the people at EZ Dock came up with a solution called EZ Launch which is a floating ramp system and a combination of rollers and guide rails to make it easy to glide on and off a dock. 

Because it floats, EZ Launch adjusts to changing water levels and there is foot space on both sides and in the front to allow for optimum access and stability.  It is easy to install and works with the current EZ Dock system or with wooden docks so it can be customized to fit your private dock. 

The maintenance free materials mean the EZ Launch has a longevity well beyond a wooden dock and it can even ease access to paddle sports for the disabled or the elderly.  The dock requires only 1.5” to float and doesn’t have to be dismantled in cold climate locations. 

Paddlers simply pull into the launch space and then use their hands to pull themselves along the rails and over rollers – up and out of the water where they can safely step out of the vessel onto the dock.  The ramp can be used to launch a boat into the water or haul one out as the end of the ramp is sloped.  A solar powered hydraulic lift is available as an option. 

The system is modular so it can be installed on a variety of private dock configurations which of course, makes pricing variable.  Visit EZ Dock for more information.