When Garmin and Volvo-Penta first teamed up they produced the G4 and Volvo Penta autopilots. Now they've developed the Volvo-Penta Glass Cockpit, a fully integrated, all-glass network system. This will bring such goodies as autopilot, station control, dynamic positioning, and Powertrim assist to the helm, along with many of the features offered in the Garmin GPSMAP Glass Helm Series.

garmin 150 screen

Garmin and Volvo-Penta: looks like they'll make a pretty nice team.

The system will include both MFD and monitor functionality in eight through 19 inch screens, driven by MFD or black boxes. They'll display via the all glass, flat-mounted design of the current GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm Series offered by Garmin. A Volvo-Penta user interface to Engine Vessel Control (EVC) can be controlled and monitored from the display or via Volvo-Penta controls for seamless operation. Naturally, the displays are fully customizable so you can display whatever engine or nav data (add other Garmin gear as desired) you want in multiple configurations.

For more information, visit Garmin or Volvo-Penta.

Written by: Lenny Rudow
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