For throwing giant wakes and hosting big crowds, the MasterCraft X-30 looks to be a winner.

For throwing giant wakes and hosting big crowds, the MasterCraft X-30 looks to be a winner.

There's nothing subtle about wakeboarding. It's one of those, "Hey, check this out" kind of sports. That's just one of the reasons why wakeboarders travel in herds, and why the ultra-spacious X-30 from MasterCraft should be such a hit. At 23 feet long, it is one of the largest purpose-built wakeboard boats on the market.

Translation: Lots of room for friends and spectators on board. However, the X-30 is far more than an aquatically mobile grandstand. Thanks to its new-for-2001 Triple KGB ballast system, which enables the boat to take on almost 400 pounds of water, the bowrider kicks up giant wakes for expert boarders.

The ballast system can be operated completely from the helm station. With the system empty, the boat's wakes settle down and become the kind of gradually sloped, not-so-scary liquid launch ramps that appeal to beginners.

Forward-facing open-bow lounges, a bolster seat for the driver, an oversized observer's seat and a wraparound lounge add up to seating for 12 people. Under the giant sun pad is a three-piece hatch that provides access to a stowage compartment on each side of the engine.

A wakeboard boat's bow tends to rise when its ballast system is full and a boarder is in tow, which can make it a bit challenging for a driver to see what's ahead. To enhance the driver's forward view when necessary, MasterCraft equipped the driver's bolster with a flip-up seat base/bottom cushion, which is dubbed "MasterView" seating. Another standard highlight at the helm station is a Clarion AM/FM CD stereo dialed into a 120-watt amp, four water-resistant speakers and a 10-inch subwoofer.

That should help owners entertain their guests in the X-30. The real entertainment, however, will be behind the boat.

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